Our International Women's Day Stories: Meet The Founders of Female Narratives

To celebrate International Women's Day, we spoke with five women who inspire us, talking all things careers, and style! 

In this week's edition, we caught up with young entrepreneurs Tijana Tamburic, who was recently featured in Forbes 30 under 30 and Franziska Klein. 

Tijana and Franzi came together 2 years ago to co-found Female Narratives, an integrated creative agency that operates using a collective of female freelancers to connect brands to real women and real stories - directly. 

The young entrepreneurs spoke to us about their careers, their muses and how they dress for the job they want!

Who do you consider the most inspirational woman/women in your life? 

Tijana: My mum and all the wonderful women we have on the FN collective, I love creating projects with all of them. 

Franzi: My mum for being the kindest and strongest woman I know. My business partner and best friend Tijana for being one hell of woman, always knowing what to do and for moving 180 miles per hour. My best friend and flatmate Hanna for never judging anyone and always having an open heart and mind.

Someone you look up to in business?

Tijana: I look up to so many amazing women: Louise Troen, the VP of Bumble, Taraji P Henson, Sheryl Sandberg…

FranziThere are SO many incredible role models out there, my friend Emily Leo for example who is an amazing film and TV producer. Also Anna Jones and Debbie Wosskow who founded the AllBright.

What was your dream career growing up?

Tijana: When I was 10 I was obsessed with Animal Planet and I wanted to make a show, but not as the presenter on camera, but as the producer/ person who decides where they go and what gets shown to the audience, so in a way that’s what I do now! 

FranziI never had one particular dream career but it was always something along the lines of producing and something fairly free, that allowed me to travel and work with lots of amazing people. In a way we built our dream jobs.

Do you believe in the saying ' Dress for the job you want?'

Tijana: Yes! I have a three-piece double-breasted high-waisted navy suit that was handed down to me by my friend’s mum and it’s my go-to job interview, or now pitch-day, outfit. I just feel like such a boss in it and I just think ‘How could they say no?’ 

Franzi: Not necessarily. I mean you shouldn’t rock up in flip flops and shorts to an interview for a banking job but in general I’d say dress however you feel most comfortable and most confident. 

Your go-to jewellery piece for a business meeting / job interview?

Tijana: I like for my jewellery to tell a story about me, so I try to wear something interesting that could be a conversation starter. And if someone asks ‘oh where’s that from?’ that I have an epic answer because it’s the quirky anecdotes that people really remember. 

FranziI never used to wear watches but my parents just got me a really nice one for Christmas, so that’s something I always wear now.

 One piece of jewellery you never leave the house without 

Tijana: My grandmother gave me a solid gold coin the day I was born, it’s called a Dukat in Serbian, and when I was 16 she had it put on a necklace for me and I wear that all the time, it’s my lucky charm and my most prized possession. 

FranziEarrings, I feel naked without. Usually just a pair of simple, small gold vintage hoops. My granddad’s wedding ring and another ring I got from my dad for my 18th birthday, and a necklace with my initials engraved that I got from my best friend.

Your first piece of jewellery was… 

Tijana; That gold coin! Although I guess that was just a coin at the time…. My first proper jewellery I could wear was a pair of ruby and gold tiny studs when I went to get my ears pierced with my grandma when I was 10. I remember hating the experience and we had to go 3 times because I chickened out the first 2 but I loved my studs! 

Franzi: A pair of gold stud earrings with sapphires from my parents.

Your favourite CARAT* London piece? 

Tijana: I love larger pieces that really make a statement so my favourite has to be the Sargas ear cuff. 

Franzi: Vega white studs and the Vega ring - also the new Kaia necklace. I love layered jewellery. I also in general really like combining silver and gold/white gold jewellery if they are fairly delicate pieces and a similar same style. 

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All photos were taken by CARAT* London at the All Bright Private members club.